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Title: Slideshow loop limit
Post by: kingsqueak on December 27, 2004, 04:28:49 am
I tried, but I'm horrible with php and worse with js.

In displayimage.php or include/  I am trying to figure out how to get a limit placed on the number of times the slideshow will run.  It would be ideal to have an option like the delay setting in the main config for this feature.

For all I need, I wouldn't mind hard coding it in but I couldn't figger it out.

I need to get the total num of pics in the current album and simply decrement through the loop until 0 and go to endSlideShow();   I just got boggled going between php and js between the two files mentioned.  I got as far as counting 'x' number of pictures displayed inside of runSlideShow() and exiting nicely, but I really need to get a starting figure for the total number of pics in the album assigned to something used inside runSlideShow().  I couldn't figure that part out.

The purpose for this of course is so that if someone leaves a browser running on slideshow, say at the office on a Friday, I'm not paying for the bandwidth the whole time.