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Title: Last comments/ Most popular error
Post by: panwac on December 16, 2004, 12:28:32 am
I found small error in navigation, when I use Last comments/most popular/Top rated lists.

When I'm alone in the gallery, everythink is right - I can click on an icon from those list and open current picture site. But in time, in gallery there are a group of users, it start be difficult - in effect of current thumb click the site with different picture is opend (when other users f.e. write new comments).

I understand the idea of dynamic navigation in gallery, but maybe it will be better to link all positions on different lists with picture site index (not with the position on the list).

The same problem I see f.e. in film-strip or nav. bar (picture site). After I click on the icon on Last Comments list, then I can have a film-strip with the same pictures; nav. buttones next and Previous photo ordered me to the Next/Prev comment.
I suppose it will be better to have a part of navigation "stabile" on each of picture site (during every action), with the same effect after use it. My propose/sample is:

1. Film-strip always shows pictures from the album, including photo from current site.
2. In nav. menu we can have f.e. 3 groups of buttons:
- Next/Prev photo in gallery
- Next/Prev photo in category
- Next/Prev current author photo

Then we have 4 possibilities of surf in one (each) place (photo-site) in the gallery, always giving us the same effect.

P.S. Sorry for my "globish", not english - it's easier for me to read, than write.
Title: Re: Last comments/ Most popular error
Post by: Joachim Müller on December 16, 2004, 07:49:29 am
has been discussed before. Afaik this is fixed in the devel version.