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Title: Dropdown menus for (optional) photo property fields
Post by: rlm on November 08, 2004, 05:28:47 pm
Dear Coppermine,

I would be interested to know if it is possible to create drop-down options for the additional photo field values. At present, the Admin can create up to 4 additional fields, which the user can fill in to describe better his photo. For example, I am using these fields to better classify the photos according to: 'agency', 'activity', 'location' and 'theme'.

So, my question is: can I somehow create drop down values for each of these attributes, (instead of free text)? I already have the list of values to use as options. My guess is that what I'm asking would require an admin page change too, where the options could be entered. Is such a change foreseen? As well as aiding categorical tasks, this could help sorting and searching for photos.

Kind regards,