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Title: Last picture
Post by: rbl on October 29, 2003, 04:59:43 pm
This is a feature request and a cry for help at the same time.

Since CPG allows the users to have "meta albums", new and non "traditional" ways of displaying your photos are available.

I'm trying to persue one of them, very popular amongst photo bloggers using blogware to display their pictures: one picture per page, homepage displays the most recent.

I've tried several simple solutions but they have some drawbacks.
1 - Hacking Gaugau's ssi.php to display the last fullsize image.
Problem: This ssi enabled page should be the homepage of the site (index.php) but changing CPG's index page could be a pain in the sphincter.

2 - Setting .htaccess to redirect visitors to /displayimage?album=lastup&pos=0
Problem: If all visitors (including yourself) can't access index.php, a lot of operations are compromised.

3 - Configure  CPG's Album list view to display only one picture, strip homepage of anything besides last uploads album and hack function to  display fullsize image and not thumbs.
Problem: it would be almost impossible to do anything else in CPG, beyond described above.

So, I'm trying to code a function to display the last uploaded fullsize image, that could be added to the content of the main page like breadcrumb/random,4/anycontent/etc

I've started by duplicating and adjusting the last uploads code in function get_pic_data (include/ and adding that new item to the main code in index.php but I'm kind of stuck now... any pointers?

Title: Last picture
Post by: Tarique Sani on October 29, 2003, 05:07:44 pm
You can already see last uploads one per page - just put necessary code in anycontent.php and there you are!!
Title: Last picture
Post by: rbl on October 30, 2003, 12:36:31 am
I thought of that but I'm already using anycontent to display some other stuff on a different part of the page that can't be bound together...

Added some hours later:
I've just seen a hack to display more infoblocks ( and that might solve my problem.