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Title: album thumbnails
Post by: zebraplayer on October 15, 2004, 07:15:43 pm
I asked how to change Album thumbnails before and someone referred me to the documentation.

I should have explained that I meant how to change it to a specific thumb_ file. Something other than the last uploaded or one of the files in that album. For example, I have an album called FiestWave. I have made a custom thumbnail for that album called thumb_FirstWave.jpg which I have placed in the folder where the movies for that album are in.

Now, when I go to the Update album page and I click on the album thumbnail dropdown list, I only get the options of Last Uploaded or one of the movie files I got in there uploaded.

Should the thumbnail file be called thumb_album or thumb_thriller or thumb_3 (after the category number).

I have looked in the documentation and searched the forum with all kind of querries. I'm sure I'm not the first to want to do this, but I still can't find the answer.

Title: Re: album thumbnails
Post by: Tranz on October 15, 2004, 07:37:49 pm
Yes, you're not the first, and the answer has been found. One solution is to upload the image that you want to use as the album thumbnail into the album. I think the reason the thumbnail isn't showing up for you is because you only put the thumbnail file without going through the process of adding the image to the album, so CPG doesn't recognize it in the database.

Then, to hide the album thumbnail from showing up in the gallery, read this: You should read the other posts for context, but that post pertains to the feature at hand.

You can see an example of this at my gallery. Notice the album called 'Stanford in Stitches'. It's for wide images whose thumbnails could mess up my layout. If you go into the album, that album image doesn't show up. It also doesn't show up in the meta albums like Random, etc.
Title: Re: album thumbnails
Post by: zebraplayer on October 17, 2004, 03:01:45 am
Hey TND,

I looked at that post and I implemented the changes to the code, but I could not detect any change whatsoever to my album.

I grabbed this

Code: [Select]
$sql = "SELECT $select_columns FROM {$CONFIG['TABLE_PICTURES']} WHERE approved = 'YES' $ALBUM_SET ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $limit2";
And replaced it with this

Code: [Select]
$sql = "SELECT $select_columns FROM {$CONFIG['TABLE_PICTURES']} WHERE title <> 'FirstWave.jpg' AND approved = 'YES' $ALBUM_SET ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $limit2";
Yet the image called FirstWave.jpg still appears in the Random Files area.

Should the name of the file include the .jpg extension?

What am I doing wrong?