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Title: Uploading Coppermine (MS Frontpage)
Post by: tatu54 on October 28, 2003, 01:02:30 am
Ok, here we go. I can just see the cringes and hear the moans now.

My web host does have PHP and MYSQL pre-installed.

I use FrontPage 2k2 (here is where the cringing and moaning comes in... hehehe) to upload to my sites.

FP extensions are also installed on the host server. According to my host:

As far FTP'ing into the hosting account, if you have FrontPage extensions installed, it will break the extensions and you'll have to reinstall them, unless you can find a way to integrate the programs you're refering to into FrontPage.

And they also said:

You may need to contact the creaters of the programs to find out if theres a way to integrate them into FrontPage for use.

How can I use Coppermine on my site given these parameters? Doc's and FAQ's and Board has no mention of using Coppermine with FP.

I am so new at PHP I can't even spell it. My signature speaks well of me.


Title: Uploading Coppermine (MS Frontpage)
Post by: DJMaze on October 28, 2003, 02:10:54 am
You don't integrate coppermine into FP.
FP extensions is an add-on.
I also have it on my site but don't use it, always wondered why FP generated files are so big :lol:

Just use a FTP application and upload the coppermine directory to somekind of directory in your hosts www or public_html.
Change some CHMOD thingies as described in docs.
Then run the url to install.php within a browser, that's it.
Title: Uploading Coppermine (MS Frontpage)
Post by: hyperion on October 28, 2003, 03:44:13 am
You upload Coppermine using FP 2002 the same way you upload anything using FP 2002.  Download and unzip CPG into a single directory.  Open FP 2002 and import that folder into the website.  Then update the website. FP will load the CPG files.  Then, you must use your web browser and enter the path to the install.php page.  CPG will take it from there.

By the way, you should not attempt to use FP with CPG to do anything but upload pictures to directories for batch uploads.  Attempting to change the appearance of CPG will most likely fail, but if FP were to allow it, it would most likely destroy your installation.
Title: Uploading Coppermine (MS Frontpage)
Post by: curtg on October 28, 2003, 04:58:21 pm
A lot of FP users may not be aware of this, but one of the most useful features of FP is the ability to drag & drop files/folders from other programs that also support drag & drop. I upload images like this. I use ACDSee for viewing local image files, and when I need to upload batches I just resize ACDSee, Ctrl + A (Select All) and drag them to a folder on my web server using FP. Of course newer FTP programs support this as well.

FP gets a bad rap for the right reasons, but never gets credit for it's better capabilites. I don't have FTP access at work, but FP lets me admin my websites when I need to.

As for Coppermine and FP, you can upload the files/folders, but I don't recommend editing PHP files. FP has a terrible tendency to reformat tags out of place and will screw up PHP usually. It is possible, just hard to do.

As for coding, FP is ok IF you already know HTML and know what FP is doing to the code. Most HTML newbies go to clicking and end up with a file that's half font tags.
Title: Uploading Coppermine (MS Frontpage)
Post by: Joachim Müller on October 28, 2003, 11:44:29 pm
*gaugau applaudes curtg*

I was afraid when I first saw this post it might turn into a flame war and I'm happy I was wrong.

FP is OK for those who already know the trade - as a tool for ease of use.
I can only recommend newbies not to use FP when dealing with php scripts (same line as curtg) - you're gonna miss all the fun and there'll be a lot of errors that seem to come out of nowhere.

There's no better editor than notepad for those who want to understand how things really work :wink: - for all who don't care: use FP.

Title: Uploading Coppermine (MS Frontpage)
Post by: tatu54 on October 29, 2003, 12:32:40 am
Thanks all. At least I have a direction to go in now. From what I have seen of Coppermine, it is a great piece of work and I'd like to get it going on my site.