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Title: "Power User" Addition
Post by: tvalentine on October 27, 2003, 08:53:44 pm
I believe it would be useful to have some sort of "Power User" group in addition to the four standard one's (Admin, Registered, Anonymous, Banned).

This group would have the ability to create albums and post them either to the root category, or to any other category that has been created.  They would also have the ability to create different categories to post albums to.

Additionally, perhaps they would have access to the Batch add pics function, although this might not be used often.

The tabs of Config, Users, and Groups, and Upload approval would not be shown to the group.

What does everyone think?  Is something like this currently being undertaken? If not, I would be happy to start on it if someone would give me a couple of pointers on where to start.  I am new to coppermine, but not new to PHP or Programming.

Title: "Power User" Addition
Post by: lasa on October 27, 2003, 09:22:42 pm
Good idea  :!:  :!:

And let the power user edit comment's and delete them. ;)
Title: "Power User" Addition
Post by: Casper on October 27, 2003, 09:41:32 pm
I also think a good idea, this would equate to a moderator on a b board I think.
But first there should be a method to 'rank' levels, so any member at a certain level also has all the rights of those below.  At the moment this is not the case, admin cannot view galleries set to registered users only, in the way they were meant, but only by going throught to the edit pic stage.  This would also apply to any 'Power User' at the moment.
Title: Little Help
Post by: tvalentine on October 31, 2003, 05:58:29 am
I would really like to see this implemented.  Can any of the developers give me a little help on where to start.  I was taking a peak at the database, and was thinking perhaps we could just put one or two more permission on the set of "Create/Delete Albums", "Edit Comments"and finally "Create/Delete Categories".

We could do this, or just have the powerusers group implicit in the program and let admins add people to it.

What would be the best way to roll?
Title: "Power User" Addition
Post by: Joachim Müller on October 31, 2003, 06:12:27 am
this can't be done without changing a lot of the code base. You have to understand the way coppermine is coded right now: for every operation that is possible at the moment, there's a statement in front of it like "if we're in admin mode, then let the user execute this statement". If you want to have moderators/power users, you have to use a more granular approach: "if we're in admin mode or if the user is in group 'moderators' and admin allowed moderators to perform action X then execute the statement.". There has to be a query to the database before (look up if the admin has set the configuration to let the user group 'moderators' do that). This means a different database/query scheme, so we'd lose compatibilty (it'd become much harder to upgrade from previous versions).
You have to understand that each feature some of you are asking for would mean making coppermine a little harder for newbies to get along with - we'll have to find a balance between great new features and usability. That's one reason why the dev team doesn't jump to every feature request - the other is simply a question of time and manpower...

We can't give you directions how to do it: you'll have to fully understand the code to be able to accomplish such a feature. I don't mean to discourage you: everyone is welcome to contribute, but this is a very hard mod to make on your own.