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Web Hosting for Coppermine photo Album?

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I read through the list of requirements for this software (Web Server + PHP + MySQL + IM/GD) I have to ask what web hosting providers offer all these features?  What web hosts do all of you use to run CPG?

Joachim Müller:
greatly depends on your location (this board is being visited by people from all over the world - I doubt you want to know about my german webhost unless you're from Germany as well).
The choice of webhosts also depends on other factors, hard to say what will fit your needs. Do some searching in your country, I'm sure there are pages decidacted to help you choose the right webhost for you.


I am currently hosting with and they do a great job for my gallery

Although in the UK, I am hosted on Haisoft's US servers, which are fine, and easy to use. :)

Webmasters: I use them and recommend them for my web design clients. They are affordable with 750 mb of space and really great support.


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