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cpg1.5.46 Security release - upgrade mandatory!
The Coppermine development team is releasing a security update for Coppermine in order to counter recently discovered vulnerabilities. It is important that all users who run version cpg1.5.44 or older update to this latest version as soon as possible.

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 on: Today at 08:27:20 pm 
Started by sharpo - Last post by sharpo
Hope you haven't fallen off your chairs laughing at my problems. Just thought, reset theme to mobile_light for all, so it will distort the intermediate image if you slide in the edge of your desktop pc browser screen.

 on: Today at 11:29:33 am 
Started by sharpo - Last post by sharpo
I'm obviously up for "Idiot of The Week" award.

I tried again to set up a new site with the mobile modifications. Ended up with the narrow intermediate images again, that's too high in relation to the width. Thinking carefully, I thought the answer would be to use mobile_lite theme and theme_switch from the working site - so deleted those 2 folders and uploaded what I thought would fix the problem. It doesn't, the intermediates are still taller than they should be in relation to the width. BUT if I tip the phone sideways the proportions seem right.

Setting theme_switch for other ordinary themes, including Monicadesign, does get the right proportions, but not for mobile_lite. Was there some other modification done to the "working" one of mine that made function correctly that isn't within the theme? Totally confused now......

 on: Today at 12:02:05 am 
Started by sharpo - Last post by sharpo
Ron, going back a few posts in this topic you posted the link to that "new" mobile_light theme zip for me. It seems that was causing the narrower images I got a couple of times when trying to recreate what I had done. Just tried 1.5 version 1.0 and the images come out the right shape on my mobile. Still a way off finishing the test rebuild, but it gets me one step further.

I think there may have been some little fiddles or fixes we tried that wouldn't have been needed if the settings in 2 of my browsers hadn't been causing a problem.

At least if it gets sort of "documented" in this topic it'll maybe make it easier if people are searching for similar problems. I'll continue with the recreate project and keep you posted on progress - when I get stuck that is!!

 on: Yesterday at 11:34:56 pm 
Started by sharpo - Last post by sharpo
No rush on my account Ron, I don't really need it.

If nothing else, at least I've helped discover a problem - even if I didn't know what the cause was or how to fix it.

 on: Yesterday at 09:15:30 pm 
Started by sharpo - Last post by ron4mac
I will likely update the mobile_light theme as soon as I've found time to correct the issues caused by the add-a-comment section.

 on: Yesterday at 09:09:50 pm 
Started by scohen125 - Last post by ron4mac
Just follow the directions:

True 1.6 documentation is lagging.

 on: Yesterday at 08:43:37 pm 
Started by sharpo - Last post by sharpo
I'm seriously losing the plot at the moment, had a second attempt at re-installing the themes and plugins and messed it up, getting that narrow image again. Probably did something stupid, as usual, then decided to restore all the files I backed up this afternoon.

As it stands at the moment, fully working the way I wanted it to. Will have a break for a few days.

 on: Yesterday at 05:50:29 pm 
Started by sharpo - Last post by sharpo
Looks like I'll be keeping you amused for a bit longer!!

Deleted the plugins and theme so as to start from the basics of the site. Reactivated comments, installed theme_switch 1.1 and the "special" mobile_light added to one of the posts in a reply to me. Gave it a try, and as expected with the "comments" activated, the page was too wide, so deactivated comments again. This made the page fit - BUT the image became narrow and tall.

I really thought I had it all under control. obviously not.

 on: Yesterday at 05:28:33 pm 
Started by scohen125 - Last post by scohen125
Thank you for your response.  I did not see a link for documentation for 1.6 install just 1.5.  It might be a problem that I tried the install once on my server and it didn't work (I think because I hadn't disabled all the plugins).  So then I rolled back my site and now and trying to upgrade again.  With 1.6 can I do a manual install without losing my images by keeping my album folder and deleting everything else and uploading all the files for 1.6 to my server?
I appreciate the help.  My site is running slow and I'm hoping the upgrade to 1.6 will help with that.
All the best,

 on: Yesterday at 04:51:33 pm 
Started by ron4mac - Last post by ron4mac
A plugin to manage data that are displayed with a thumbnail.

This plugin provides the method to have more control over the data that are displayed with a thumbnail.

There are 13 opportunities to control those data:

If you are not sure where those would be applied, here is the method to get some visual clues:
   In the plugin configuration, enable all control scopes (no add/replace text needs to be entered).
   Be logged in as admin and have debug enabled for admin only.
   You'll now see flags injected on your pages like " ==== global " prior to where that control could be applied.
   NOTE: don't generally leave scopes enabled if you are not applying add/replace text

For each scope, you can enter HTML text with substitution codes, such as:
   <span class="thumb_title thumb_title_dimensions">{pwidth} x {pheight}</span>
That text would add the picture width and height attributes to the thumbnail display.

Attributes to be substituted are enclosed in braces: {keywords}

Availabe substitution attributes are:
   aid - numeric album ID
   album - the album title
   caption - picture description
   ctime - date/time added to gallery
   filename - the name of the stored file
   filepath - path to the file relative to the "albums" folder
   filesize - the size of the file
   hits - the number of times the file has been viewed
   keywords - the keywords associated with the file
   owner_id - numeric ID of owner (uploader)
   owner - the user name associated with the owner_id
   pheight - height of the image in pixels
   pic_rating - the current average rating (in stars) of the file
   pid - numeric picture ID
   pwidth - width of the image in pixels
   title - picture title
   user1:user2:user3:user4 - custom fields recorded with the image
   votes - the total number of votes/ratings made on the file

Additionally, the config defined names for user(1-4) fields can be used.

Use of 'ctime' can have an optional date/time format.
   {ctime|%B %Y} would display as Month Year

With each scope, there is the option to first clear any accumulated thumbnail data display.
May be helpful in some circumstances.

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